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Sexting – When’s the last time you did it?

Ever found that sometimes you feel your partner has lost interest or you know they love you but life just seems a little boring. When is the last time you Sexted your lover? You may think you are a little old, or this is silly, or simply that’s not your thing because you show them love an attention in your own way maybe with the odd romantic dinner.

However getting a random HOT AND HORNY picture and text from your lover unexpeditedly out of the blue can mean everything to them. It’s important to show them THEY still turn you on! This can apply to a monogamous marriage to open relationships, swingers and more, but what is more hot than getting that text saying “damn baby I can’t get you off my mind, my skin is tingling just thinking about you right now” or starting something along those lines.

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We all want to feed NEEDED AND WANTED! The same things you crave from your partner they might be craving off of you too! Take a drive down memory lane with expressions of a fond memory “remember that time on our honeymoon when you slid your hand up my skirt in the restaurant” .. make sure you use words that are arousing to them. For instance if you know her neck is her weak spot talk about how you want to nibble on it and blow in her ear, of if his weak spot is fantasizing about you and your best friends in bikinis round the pool then roll with it and see where it goes.


Remind them how sexy/beautiful, godlike, manly etc that they are. Remind them they are the best lovers and because of that you NEED more of them over and over. Let them know you are engaged with them and still lust after them before anyone else.


Don’t be shy your partner has seen you naked many times, you might not be comfortable sending topless nudes across cell phones but nothing stopping you sending him a sexy lingerie pic, or guys sending that cute smile with those “I want you now” eyes, to us ladies there is nothing more sexy than our men WANTING US IMMEDIATELY! You don’t have to get full on slut wife, but hey why not if it’s in private or if you are into sharing then especially remind your partner they are ALWAYS number 1.

Get a little creative, especially you guys, most do not make an effort to even TRY look sexy, you don’t have to have a six pack sometimes a look is enough if its a hot look.


Perhaps suggest a sexy massage when they get home or even better have it all ready for them, or discuss your (or their) fantasies .. This can be so hot while you are rubbing down your naked partners body letting them talk about all the things that turn them on, this can lead to very sensual and hot moments making you connect better.


We all want to be pleasured but sometimes its just an amazing feeling to be pleasured and relax and not feel like you have to return the favor. I mean come on, we all want the steamy sex all of the time, but if you are trying to reconnect then instead of bitching “you are not getting enough”, how about figuring out what will really turn them on. Think back to the days when you first met and what turned them on and dial that up 100%.

We all lose our way with stress, work, kids, life and especially right now with all the COVID of 2020 so make your partner feel special again. Remind them why they love you and why you love them.

Don’t take each other for granted! Love and be loved.

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